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Bring your imagination, pen and paper! We will explore identity through mythology and other writings in this workshop series. By introducing the myth of Pandora with references to Celtic mythology, we will consider writing related to the theme of identity and place and respond in a series of brief writing activities.

Jamaica focus.
These writing workshops will encourage understanding about the links between Wales and the Caribbean and our shared histories of colonialization and oppression. The tutor has been working with professional specialists in community stress in both Jamaica and in North West Wales, and we have started to develop a way using poetry and writing that enables people to find safe ways to talk through the tensions and memories, in this case by bringing them into the context of the abuse of power involved in the Slave Trade, as the historical link between North West Wales and Jamaica is particularly strong,

Week 1 of a 6 week course. Monday 14:00 – 16:00.

This is a bilingual, online tutor-led course.

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