Mindfulness Practices For Carers

Mindfulness Practice 1: Deeper Breathing

In this introductory practice video, Mike introduces the concept of ‘three deep breaths’ – something you can do to help you relax in a short space of time. You can even practice this breathing technique while waiting for the kettle to boil. Next, Mike explains how to deepen this practice in just one minute.

Mindfulness Practice 2: Two Minutes Breath

In this practice, Mike will show how a counting technique can help you to pay attention to how you feel. This practice lasts for two minutes. Try it out and see how two minutes of mindful breathing can make a positive difference.

Mindfulness Practice 3: Three Minutes Breath

In this video, Mike shows how a three-minute breathing practice can form a basis for a longer practice over time. The aim is to show you how you can adjust mindful practice to suit your needs and schedule.

Mindfulness Practice 4: Mantras

In this video, Mike shows how a mindfulness technique using mantras can help you if you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. A mantra is simply a phrase you repeat over and over to yourself and it can help you to focus your mind.

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